West Lake Trail

West Lake Trail

West Lake Trail is a 4.6 miles loop. The west side is restored prairie fields before entering into the woods. The east side runs along the west edge of Homer Lake.

West Lake Trailhead

Parking for West Lake Trail is off the Homer Lake Road (County Highway 14) near the bridge over Homer Lake.

Restored Prairies

West side of the trail is through restored prairies.

Praire Grasses

Prairie grasses.

Woods Near Homer Lake

Wooded area between prairie restoration and Homer Lake.


Many dragonflies were about.

Small Lagoon

Small lagoon on south west end of Homer Lake.

Chair on West Side of Lake

Chair on west side of lake across from the Northern Pennisula.

View From the Chair

View from the chair.

Trail Hiked: 
West Lake Trail hiked on 6/28/13

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