Timberdoodle Trail

Timberdoodle Trail is 1.2 miles, loop with two legs ending at the lake. A concrete sidewalk runs between the Interpretive Center and the observation deck.

Timberdoodle Trailhead

Timberdoodle Trail starts near the Northern Peninsula.

Timberdoodle Creek

A small bridge crosses a creek that empties into the lake.

Timberdoodle Observation Deck

There is a concrete sidewalk between the Interpretive Center and the Observation Deck.

Timberdoodle Sitting Area

A sitting area next to the Interpretive Center.

Timberdoodle View from Observation Deck

View from bottom floor of the Observation Deck.

Trail from Observation Deck to Lake

Trail from observation deck to the lake.

Homer Lake Timberdoodle Trail

Homer Lake from the west leg of Timberdoodle Trail.

Turtles Sun Bathing

Turtles sun bathing.

Trail Hiked: 
Timber Doodle Trail hiked on 6/5/13.

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