Sand Beach Cove Trail

Homer Lake Sand Beach Cove

Sand Beach Cove Trail has a length of 0.68 miles and does not loop back to the starting point. There is a north and a south entrance to trail.

Sand Beach Cove Trailhead

The north entrance is across from the Interpretive Center.

Eastern Bluebirds

Eastern Bluebirds near the south end of the trail.

A young doe near the south entrance to the trail.

Doe Near North Entrance

A doe in the woods near the north trail entrance.

Inside North Entrance of Trail

Just inside the north entrance of the trail.

Forest Restoration Area

Forest restoration area near the middle of the trail.


Bellflowers near south end of the trail.

Near South End of Trail

Homer lake at the south end of the trail.

Trail Hiked: 
Sand Beach Cove Trail hiked on 6/8/13.

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