Flicker Woods Trail

Flicker Woods Trail Panoramic

Flicker Woods Trail at Homer Lake is 0.94 miles and does not loop back. The trail has a north leg that leads to Homer Park Road and a south leg that leads to the Salt Fork River. The trail starts near the Interpretive Center and ends at the spillway.

Flicker Woods Trailhead

You can park at the Interpretive Center or drive just to the south to find the marker for the trailhead.

Flicker Woods Field

Small field before getting to the woods.

Seed Fluff Ball

Seed fluff ball

Old Foundation

Old foundation atop cliff next to the Salt Fork River.

Trail thru the Woods.

Trail thru the woods.

Trail follows Salt Fork River

Trail begins to follow the Salt Fork River.

Trail ends at Spillway

Trail ends at spillway.

Geese Line Up at Spillway

Geese line up at the spillway, ignoring the sign that say Keep Off the Spillway.

Trail Hiked: 
Flicker Woods Trail hiked on 6/18/13

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