Drupal Side Bars How to Create Side Bars

Side bars are small screen blocks which provide teaser text and a link to the full article. They are usually displayed to the right or left of the page main content.

Instructions for Creating Side Bar

  1. Create the document (Content, Add Content, Image Article).
    1. Populate "Summary" field for teaser.
    2. Populate remainder of article for full view.
    3. Preview Trimmed and Full Article.
    4. Get Node ID of article for use in view.
  1. Create View (Structure, Views, Add new view).
    1. Enter view name.
    2. Create a block and not a page.
    3. Continue and edit.
    4. Remove title.
    5. Set Show to Content and Teaser.
    6. Add Filter Criteria for Content:Nid (use Node ID from above).
    7. Save
  1. Set Block created by View (Structure, Blocks)
    1. Set block region to Sidebar First and save.
    2. Set position of block, save.
    3. Configure block, which pages will display block.