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Drupal Shell (Drush) is a command-line shell that can also be used as a scripting interface for Drupal websites. Drush is more flexible, more precise, faster, and uses less system resources than does the administration functions built into Drupal's GUI web-interface. Drush provides many useful utilities for site administrators and developers. Drush was created by Arto Bendiken in 2006 and evolved into a fully maintained Drupal project. Documentation for drush can be found at drush.org and drupal.org/project/drush.

Drush typically resides on the same web hosting environment as it manages. Drush was designed for Linux, however a lesser version for Windows and Mac are available. Access to the command line shell (e.g. SSH) in the location of the Drupal site installation is required for Drush. The recommended host environment for Drush is:

  1. Apache 2+
  2. PHP 5.3+
  3. MySQL+
Drush Windows Installation

A Drush Windows installer is available at drush.org. It supports the shells minsw, msysgit, PowerShell and the command prompt. Download the Drush Windows installer and execute the program.

Drush Install

Verify Drush was installed by clicking on the Drush icon and entering the command "drush". The Drush help screen should be displayed.

Drush Command Line

Drush Commands

Run drush help [command] to view help for specific commands. A Drush Command Reference is available from drupal.org.

Example Commands:

Download the latest version of the Drupal core: drush dl drupal

Drush Download
Note. drush dl drupal-7.x downloads the latest version of Drupal 7, while drush dl drupal-7.15 downloads the specific 7.15 version.

Check the status of the Drupal install: drush status.

Drush Status

Run the Drupal site install:

drush si --db-url=mysql://password:root@

Note: The empty "drush" MySQL database must already exist with a userid of root and a password of password.